Camp Royall

Since 1972, the Autism Society of North Carolina has provided summer camp recreational opportunities for individuals with autism. In 1997, the Autism Society of North Carolina opened Camp Royall, a 133-acre facility located near Pittsboro.

Camp Royall now houses the nation’s oldest and largest summer camp program for people on the autism spectrum, year-round programs, and a wide variety of other functions and services throughout the year. In 2012, over 1,100 people participated in programming through Camp Royall.

Please explore our site to learn more about participating in our summer camp program, taking advantage of year-round services for people with autism and their families or renting the facility for your next group event.

Registration for the Summer Camp lottery is now closed; click here if you need to change any information.

Often we are asked if there are items that are needed to help with the operation of the camp and our programs. Please click here to view the 2014 Camp Royall wish list.

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