Parent/Caregiver Workshops

“Thank you for providing the opportunity to learn more about autism so that we can help our son!”

“I liked the thorough explanations of the IEP process given in a positive light.”

“I gained a better understanding of what I need to do with my child and her school in the future.”

“I enjoyed the ability to discuss and ask questions. I also like the fact that the Parent Advocates have a child with autism.”

“The tone of the workshop was positive for school relationships rather than adversarial.”

“It was nice to understand you are not alone.”

“Very informative. I liked hearing a parent’s perspective.”

“All of the information will help me in writing IEPs for my boys. This helped me to understand what’s missing in my children’s IEPs.”

Community Training

“{Your trainer’s} experience and perspective on the subject provided great insight on the challenges faced by college students on the spectrum. I truly appreciate the time and effort she spent so we could bring the information to our students, staff, faculty, and community members.”

“Definitely stimulated my thinking, and I will be refocusing my work now that I have had this training to better benefit people with ASD.”

Training for Educators

“I can’t stress enough how user-friendly the information was. We will be using this information in directly working with students with autism and for working with teachers of students with autism at our school. {The trainer} gave great examples and the presentation was well-organized and progressed naturally. Thank you!”

“This training has changed how I communicate to children with autism and their families. I really understand the impact and importance of our relationship now.”

“Dynamic, personable, and knowledgeable presenters! They were very engaging and explained difficult information and technical content easily for the audience to absorb and use. I wish they worked with my son with autism! This filled many gaps for me to take home to work with my son and his providers.”

“Great practical and real-life info, gave me the desire to stay in the field and learn more!”

“I think all teachers in NC working with kids with ASD, particularly in the pre-K setting, should have this training!”

“We all get so busy and it is so helpful to bring us back to the point that we keep in the forefront of our minds that our kids are also a part of a family, and the autism impacts the entire family as well as the student.”

Training for Health-Care Professionals

“I plan to use the information to better approach and communicate more effectively with autistic children in the health-care setting. Great job and very knowledgeable!”

“I think this presentation was very useful and everyone in a health-care setting should hear this and be aware of the things you can do in certain situations.”

“Thank you again for partnering with WakeMed as part of your Autism Grant and providing our staff with education on autism. As a leading pediatric provider for our community, it is a mission of our hospital to provide the best possible care to all we serve. The knowledge you shared allows us to do so and make sure our patients and families are well taken care of. The overall evaluations of each session were fabulous and comments were always positive.”

“This was a great class. Even though I have worked in the field for years, I feel refreshed with new ways of interacting with people with autism.”