Working in the Afterschool Program

Our Afterschool Program runs in the fall and the spring each school day from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. We are looking for staff members who can commit to working daily with the program. The program closes in mid-May for the summer season and resumes in late August, ideal for those who might also want to work with our Summer Camp program.

Age Requirement

All of our afterschool counselors must be age 16 and older; the average age of our counselors is 20. Most of our staff members are college students or work in the school system, although neither is a requirement for employment. All staff must have complete references, an interview, and a background check before being hired.



Staff are paid $10 per hour and receive reimbursement for any mileage accrued while transporting our participants.



It is very important to us at Camp Royall that our staff are well-trained and receive proper support. All new staff members will do some training, shadow, observe, and have lots of opportunities to ask questions before having complete responsibility for our participants. You will learn about autism and strategies for working with the individuals we serve, specific to our environment.


Counselor-to-Camper Ratio

Low counselor-to-camper ratios are crucial to the success of Camp Royall. Our ratios are typically 1:2 or 1:3. The primary responsibilities of our Counselors include encouraging campers through the scheduled activities and assisting and supporting in communication, social interaction, and self-care.


For more information about the role of the Counselor in the Afterschool Program, please click here for the job description.