Fayettevill: Practical Strategies in Early Intervention for Children with or at risk of ASD

Tuesday, April 30
Cumberland County Partnership for Children Resource Center
351 Wagoner Drive, Multipurpose Room 343 • Fayetteville

Training Manager: Leica Anzaldo
This is a free workshop for parents and professionals. Childcare Provider Credits available upon request. No childcare provided.

This workshop addresses the central characteristics and brain differences of levitra endurance children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Basic sensory, behavioral and perceptual differences are explored to assist participants in developing a perspective for the disorder that will support quality in programming and intervention.

The workshop provides an introduction to best practices in early intervention strategies. An overview of the research-based approach to teaching early skills such as joint attention (sharing of an experience) and play is only best offers included.

Participants will be provided with visual representation of joint attention behaviors and basic instruction in how to promote these behaviors in the children they support. The workshop also explores the levels of play and how to build on play skills in a way that is supportive to the child including the use of visual structure. The main focus of the workshop is exploring naturally occurring routines  in multiple environments and strategies to promote skills within these established routines as well as expanding routines.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Establish a basic understanding of viagra canadian health early intervention strategies based on several research based approaches including Early Start Denver Model, Pivotal Response Treatment, and Connie Kasari’s work on assessing and developing play
  • Connect strategies to specific target behaviors that are precursors to buy viagra uk social communication and language
  • Connect strategies to existing routines that the buy ultram legally child may have at home and/or in the classroom
  • Identify strategies for enhancing play skills
  • Identify strategies to expand play and make it more inclusive of others

To register email Leica Anzaldo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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