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Adam is an independent adult with autism.  He travels all over the country visiting his mom with the income he makes at his job.

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The Autism Society of North Carolina improves the lives of individuals with autism, supports their families, and educates communities.

1 in 57 children may be diagnosed with autism in North Carolina

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20,000+ individuals receive direct services annually in North Carolina

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Giving a Voice to People with Autism: Why Is It Important?

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2018

Editor’s note: Tracy Vail will be the presenter for the Autism Society of North Carolina’s third annual fall conference, “Giving a Voice to People with Autism,” on Sept. 21 in Greensboro. The conference will focus on developing functional social communication skills in children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder who are non-vocal or minimally vocal….

Easing the Transition Back to School

Friday, Aug 10, 2018

It’s that time of year again…back to school we go! The transition from summer to fall, more specifically from summer break to the start of the school year, can be overwhelming for everyone involved. The added stressors of back-to-school shopping, meet-and-greets with teachers, and transitioning into new schools can be challenging. We have some tips…

When Children Have Questions about Classmates

Thursday, Aug 09, 2018

As my 6-year-old was getting ready for his first day of school, he shared that he wants to grow up to be a fundraiser like mom and help people with autism. He loves everyone and that is one of the things I love most about him. His comment prompted us to talk further about being…