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Additional CAP MR/DD Waiver Slots Released

Important information  for families who are on the Cap MR/DD waiting list.

The new Cap MR/DD waiver slots that were funded by the General Assembly are being released  to the LMEs for immediate use.

The Division of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/ Substance Abuse Services ( Division of MH/DD/SAS) is allocating an additional 950 Supports Waiver slots and 225 Comprehensive Waiver slots.

The number of Cap MR/DD slots distributed to each LME  is based on a formula developed by the General Assembly to  equalize the distribution of slots across the state.

If you are on the Cap MR/DD waiting list:

1. Contact your case manger and LME Developmental Disabilities Coordinator  to make sure your Cap application is up-to-date.

2. Check that your application has a current psychological and any other important  information about your family member with autism and your family.

3. Ask if your LME is using the new prioritization tool

For more information about these new slots and to see the number of slots that will be given to your LME, click here

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