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Another possible tool for diagnosing autism even younger

Georgia Tech researchers are leading a team of universities to try to develop computerized tools to help people without specialized training to diagnose autism.  With the help of a $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation, the tools include a smart video camera, as well as heart rate and skin monitors to measure responses to a 4 minute standardized test for children.  The 4 minute test includes the child’s reaction to stimuli, such as a thrown ball, a held book and the calling of the child’s name. 

Reminds me of when my son was young…we tested his hearing by placing him across the room, facing away from us, and whispering, “(insert name), do you want a cookie?”  By the way, he came running.  Oh, wait, he still has autism.


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  1. bensmyson says:

    If there is no insurance, no money, no public agency going to bat for our kids then we might as well stick them out in the rain to see if they can make it back indoors. What good is it to know your child needs help when help is your own broke ass bank account.

    Personally Id love to see these 10 million dollar grants given to fund ASNC so that you guys can hire a couple of hundred bush beaters to find us some help. Imagine that, 200 more of you folks ready, willing and able to change the world locally. How great would that be?

  2. asncparentadvocate says:

    Bensmyson: I wish that ASNC had more money, too: we\’d LOVE to be able to do more. We\’re hoping to change the \”no insurance\” part this coming legislative year, however, and we will need parents like you to help with that. We are all spread so thinly, with so much need to address; I know that it\’s like a small bandage on a gaping wound. Thanks for your comments and help!

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