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Be Your Child’s Best Advocate! Application Deadline December 31

Partners in Policymaking is a nationally recognized training program funded by the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities

Join the ranks of parents and self-advocates who have been trained through the NC Partners in Policymaking!  Learn to advocate at all levels: locally, regionally, and nationally.  This is a no-cost opportunity that is truly outstanding.  You will benefit, whether you’re a parent or an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability.  I was honored to participate in this program several years ago and can assure you that it has helped me as an advocate for my children and others.  I’ve met with then-Speaker Joe Hackney, Congressman David Price (in Washington, D.C.) and others…something I would NEVER have considered before Partners in Policymaking (PIP).  It’s important for our political leaders to hear from us, constituents who vote, who speak out, and who have children/family members with autism!

From the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities:  “Those selected to take part learn about how to communicate with public officials and legislators and the general public, often making use of the media. Through a series of eight weekend seminars they also gain information about the structure of laws and agencies that determine and administer programs affecting people with disabilities. 

An innovative leadership training program created in 1987 by the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities, Partners in Policymaking™ provides adults with disabilities and the parents of young children with developmental disabilities the skills needed to be effective advocates. Participants learn how to build partnerships with elected officials, legislators, agencies and opinion leaders so that they can better express their views on the policy decisions affecting the services they and their families use. 

The Partners program is all about systems change, from creating a shared vision of a system that promotes full inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in the community, and making it a reality through working with leaders to base public policy decisions on the experiences of those who need and use services.”

For more information, contact Deborah Whitfield at partners@nccdd.orgApplication deadline is December 31.

NOTE: If you have an autism spectrum disorder or are the parent/relative of someone with autism, PLEASE contact the Autism Society of NC if you are chosen to participate in this training.  We would like to connect you with our ongoing grassroots advocacy (and you’ll need a project to do at the end of the training—we can help!).

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