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How I Saved My Marriage

Having a marriage while raising children is sort of like climbing a mountain. ¬†You realize you’re all tied together and there’s no easy getting off. ¬†You stay in the moment because you know you have to. ¬†Sometimes, you may even want to. Eventually, the climb becomes more synchronized. ¬†Once upon even ground, however temporary, the…


Following a horrifying report by the Government Accountability Office , Congress has addressed the growing need for federal legislation regulating the use of restraints and seclusion in schools‚ÄĒboth of which are already regulated in hospitals and residential facilities.¬† While the House bill (HR4247) seeks to ‚Äúprevent and reduce‚ÄĚ the use of physical restraints and seclusion,…

Autism, Medicine, and Media

Now that 2010 has rolled in, there seems to be more autism-related research published that’s getting some attention in the news. ¬†When the previously embargoed autism rates were announced on the Friday afternoon before Christmas, it didn’t receive much notice in the media, aside from catching the statement that officials were still puzzled about whether…

Just Tell Me What You Want

New Year’s Wishes.

Section 504 Accommodations

If your child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder does not qualify for an IEP (Individualized Education Program), it is possible that he/she might qualify for a Section 504 Plan.¬† This plan, part of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, protects qualified individuals from discrimination based on their disability.¬† People who have a physical or mental…

“Dear, It’s About The Children…”

Telling others about your child’s autism.

For You, From momof3au

A visual work system to teach teeth brushing.

My Baby is Your One in Seventy

America is the Land of Opportunity, founded by people who strongly believed if you want something badly enough it can be yours for the taking, with the emphasis on the taking. ¬†Another way of looking at it is the “Smash ‘n Grab” philosophy, often enacted after a “Scatter and Confuse” military tactic ensues. ¬†Let’s leave…

Prisoner on Paper

Handling your child’s official paperwork.