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Books on autism make great gifts this Holiday Season

There are 1000’s of books these days about autism, from children’s stories, to teenage novels, to informational materials on how to teach your child with autism, to personal accounts written by adults on the autism spectrum. The variety is endless! There are so many books to choose from that the Autism Society of NC Bookstore has put together a list of the Top 16 Books to give as gifts this holiday season. I’ve categorized them by recipient to make it even easier to find the right book for the right person on your list!

For children:
* Accept and Value Each Person
* You Are A Social Detective!

For middle-schoolers:
*Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
*Al Capone Does My Shirts

For High-Schoolers:
*Integrated Self-Advocacy ISA Curriculum
*Wild Orchid

For Adults on the Spectrum:
*Animals In Translation
*Look Me In the Eye

For Parents and other family members:
*Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum
*A Friend Like Henry
*Voices from the Spectrum

For Professionals:
*Beyond the Autism Diagnosis
*Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome

To Make Anyone Smile (Coffee Books):
*Autism Heroes
*All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome

Now as a special treat for getting all the way through this blog post I want to let you know that the ASNC Bookstore is offering a 10% discount on all online purchases made from now through Jan. 1st 2010! Just use the coupon code HOLIDAY09 during checkout! HAPPY HOLIDAYS and happy shopping!

~Melanie Adams-Borgen
ASNC Booksore Manager

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  1. Kristine L. says:

    My favorite book, that I originally purchased for my 8 year old daughter to understand her brother\’s autism, is called Everybody Is Different by Fiona Bleach. It is also in the ASNC bookstore. This book is written for children (siblings) but I think it is a GREAT tool for anyone who needs a basic explanation about the experiences and behaviors of an autistic person (e.g. grandparents)

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