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Bullying Bill – 2nd vote completed. Action Needed today prior to final vote.

SB 526/ HB 548: School Violence Prevention Act (Bullying Bill) passed its second reading in the House on a close 59-57 vote last night (6/22).

For a complete list of how members voted click here.

The final House vote will be sometime today.

We need one more day of calls to our House Representatives. Ask them to vote for the bill and against any amendments.

If your House Representative voted yes for the bill, please call them today and thank them for supporting this bill.

If your House Representative voted no on the bill, please call them and ask them to vote yes on the bill today.

If the following Representatives are your legislator(s), please make sure to give them a special thanks today. Please contact them and ask that they do not change their vote.

When you call, please share your reasons for supporting the bill-personal stories are powerful.

This bill will help protect students who are targeted for bullying and harassment at school including students with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Thanks for your advocacy on behalf of our students.

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