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CAP-MR/DD Stakeholder Survey

During the month of September, you are invited to participate in a survey about the CAP-MR/DD Medicaid waivers (Comprehensive Waiver and Supports Waiver).  Your feedback is very important to us as we continue to improve the waivers.  We want to hear from individuals receiving CAP-MR/DD services, parents and guardians of individuals receiving services, service providers, advocates and others having direct experience with the current CAP-MR/DD waivers.
This survey uses Survey Monkey – a way to submit and analyze responses from any number of people anonymously.  To participate in the survey,

§  Click here

§  Follow the instructions.

§  When you finish entering your response, click on SUBMIT.  Your response
is immediately sent and received.

Submitting your response electronically through Survey Monkey is the best way to participate.  This ensures confidentiality, proper completion of the survey, and accuracy of reading your response.  If you do not have computer/internet access at home, we encourage you to go to your local library, a friend or neighbor’s home or other location where you can respond electronically.

Otherwise, you can ask someone (Local Management Entity, case manager, provider) to print the PDF version for you.  The PDF version is available at:

Type in or handwrite your answers and fax your response to the FAX number below.  You can also mail your response to the address below.

To be considered, your response must be submitted, faxed or postmarked no later than September 30.  Thank you in advance for sharing your perceptions and recommendations.

FAX 919-962-5837

Mailing Address:
Developmental Disabilities Training Institute
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
CB # 3370
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3370

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4 Responses

  1. woozle says:

    On completing the last page and pressing \”Done\”, the last page reappears with a message at the top saying \”The comment you entered is in an invalid format.\” It doesn\’t indicate which comment is in error or what is wrong with it. I have tried one or two minor modifications, but I can\’t see anything obviously wrong.

    Should I email you my comments?

  2. asncparentadvocate says:

    If the online survey doesn\’t work, you can either fax or snail mail it. Here\’s that info:
    FAX 919-962-5837

    Mailing Address:
    Developmental Disabilities Training Institute
    University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
    CB # 3370
    Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3370

  3. woozle says:

    It\’s not really printable; here are my answers:

    1. other
    2. not currently (we\’re on the waiting list for comprehensive)
    3. Durham
    4. Nnnnooo…. (we\’d like the way the whole thing is handled to be changed, not the services themselves)
    5. No (well… I *guess* not…)
    6. The supported services need to be spelled out much more clearly. We have at least twice received incorrect information about services available through the waivers and about compatibility with other services.
    7. n/a
    8. Although we hear great things about the services available through the waiver, the number of available slots is clearly inadequate to meet needs. Our child desperately needed these services, and is still unable to get them. (Fortunately, he is currently being served by a therapeutic training center via Medicaid, but there is no backstop if something goes wrong with this.) A more comprehensive system is needed.

    Hope this is helpful; thanks!

  4. asncparentadvocate says:

    I haven\’t actually looked at the survey myself–because I\’ve been told that my child does not qualify. It is certainly true that there are not enough slots to meet the needs of people on the spectrum! As Parent Advocates, we speak to so many parents whose children desperately need the support that CAP-MR/DD could provide them. I hope that next year\’s NC budget doesn\’t include any cuts to Medicaid or CAP; that would truly be disastrous.

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