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Impact of Autism: Taking Care of the Caretaker (Webinar)

Autism creates a stressful environment for parents and caretakers which elicits tension similar to post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers returning from front line duties.  Long term stressors can impact physical and mental health.  This webinar will help parents learn how stress impacts them physically and discover ways to counteract the reactions of stress through relaxation.  It will offer specific methods that can be practiced, as well as, time to practice them during the webinar.


Goals for Presentation:

  • Identify stress and its causes in your life
  • Frame your stress through the “Grief Cycle”
  • Learn specific techniques to combat stress
  • Identify times during the day to practice techniques
  • Observe and practice relaxation steps
  • Find ways to get help

Presented by Terry Fetzer, Autism Resource Specialist, Autism Society of North Carolina.

To register email Terry at

Event Details
February 22, 2021 1:00 pm