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Help us collect a thousand stories on the effects of state budget cuts

We need your help! We need your stories!

Help us collect a thousand stories through this survey to share with your legislators, the Governor, Department of Health/Human Services staff and Local Management Entity (LME) Directors.

They need to know how budget cuts for developmental disabilities, mental health and substance abuse services affect the lives of individuals and families across the state.

Please take a few minutes and complete a survey to share your story. The survey will be active between December 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.

There are three different surveys, please choose the appropriate one for your situation:

For Individuals and family members who have lost some or all of their services within the MH/DD/SA system (including residential and vocational). If the individual or family member fears losing services but hasn’t yet, fill out the survey now and then again if and when the person does lose some or all of their services. Click here to complete the survey

• For Providers of the MH/DD/SA system who have cut services, employee salaries, benefits, hours, etc. Click here to complete the survey

• For Employees (current or former employees of MH/DD/SA providers) who have lost or experienced reductions in hours, salary, benefits etc. Click here to complete the survey

If you have problems with Internet access or need assistance with the survey, email Maureen Morrell or call her at 1-800-442-2762, ext 1107 and she will arrange for an ASNC advocate to assist you.

Thank You for completing the survey– Your story is important

Please forward information about these surveys to others who have been affected by state budget cuts.

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