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Introducing Our Online “Safe in the Community” Kit


Parents and caregivers of individuals with autism spend a lot of time thinking about how to keep their loved ones safe. Some must try to keep their children from wandering away; they install alarms, put up signs, and watch them every second. Some monitor their child’s Internet use, teach them about stranger danger, and help them deal with bullies. Some parents have made it past these concerns and now are worried about their new drivers.

No matter where you are in your journey with autism, you probably could use some help and support. At the Autism Society of North Carolina, we are launching an online “Safe in the Community” kit. This section of our website gathers together many resources, including:

  • A printable “Personal Information Record” you can share with first responders about your loved one
  • Tips on wandering prevention
  • A list of links to safety products you can purchase, such as ID tags
  • Social narratives you can use to teach individuals with autism how to stay safe

We are also introducing a new “Person with Autism” decal, which you can request here. These free decals can be used in the windows of motor vehicles or your home to alert first responders that occupants might not respond in a typical manner. Along with the decals, you can request wallet-size ID cards, a helpful resource for self-advocates.

We hope that you will find some of these items useful for your family and that you will tell others about this great new resource.

If you’d like to learn more, please consider attending our workshop titled “Staying Two Steps Ahead: Safety Considerations for Caregivers.” The workshop covers general community safety considerations for parents, family members, and community caregivers of children and adults with autism. You can find a workshop schedule here. These workshops are presented by our Autism Resource Specialists; find a specialist near you by clicking here, or contact us at 919-743-0204 or info@autismsociety-nc.org.

Let’s work together to keep our loved ones safe!

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    This is a very necessary and helpful resource for parents of children with autism. This may come into play when parents are creating a crisis plan for there child during group outings or other activities in the community. This is particularly helpful if your child is non-verbal and/or prone to physical aggression/self-injurious behavior when escalated. Remember that this is to help first responders who may not understand autism.

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