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Please pass the bullying bill!

If I have to note all of the reasons bullying by anyone to anyone is wrong, this blog would be very long.

Today, our state house can demonstrate to all kids who have ever been bullied and to any child who will in the future, that the protection of children is one of the most important and needed functions of a government.

Ask yourself a simple question.  How can any elected official vote not to protect a child from the severe harm that comes from being bullied?  To me, there is absolutely no reason any legislator should ever say it is ok for anyone to be bullied.

Today, please let your voice be heard on behalf of the far too many children living with autism and every other child who has ever been bullied or will in the future.  These precious children need to know that in our civil society they will have the protection required.  Do not wait to let your voice be heard. The final house vote is likely today around 3 pm.

This effort is simple.

  • Call your legislator now and thank him or her  if they voted to support the bill last night on the bill’s second reading in the house and ask them to again support the bill tonight when it likely is voted on third and final reading.  If you need to look up who represents you, click here.
  • If you’re state representative voted no last night, ask him or her to vote yes tonight on the third reading of this needed bill.
  • Tell him or her to do otherwise sends the message to every child that it is not only ok but acceptable to bully a child. Tell him or her  that for every child bullied, there is harm inflicted beyond belief and that child fears far too often to go to school.  And by voting no on the bill today, to me, that legislator says ok to bullying and ok to kids being afraid to go to school.

As we have a state wide debate on class sizes, ask that legislator where that bullied child sits when he or she fears going to school.  And then tell that legislator the protection of every child is likely one of few  things everyone agrees on is a key responsibility of our government which is a government of the people and for the people.

Scott Badesch
Autism Society of North Carolina

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