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WNC Run/Walk is ‘Autism Community Day’

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WNC Run/Walk is ‘Autism Community Day’

Daniel Landry knows firsthand what a difference employment supports can make. Landry, a 33-year-old who is on the autism spectrum, faced some challenges at his first jobs. He was capable of doing the work but needed a different way to learn the tasks. “A lot of times the employer doesn’t understand autism or why you’re…

How Behavior Can Go the Way of the Dinosaurs

Extinction is what happened to the dinosaurs, the saber-toothed tiger, and the dodo bird. But did you know behavior can undergo extinction as well? Don’t worry, behavioral extinction does not involve a massive comet colliding with the Earth. Behavior is said to undergo extinction when it simply no longer produces the reinforcement it once did….

Show Me the Data

Close your eyes and think of a behavior you’d like to see change in some way. It can be something you’d like to see increase or decrease. It can be something that your child, student, partner, friend, or even you do. Have you thought of something yet? Great! Hold on to that for a minute….

ASNC Clinical Team Partners with Schools

ASNC’s Clinical Department provides workshops and coaching to school systems, charter schools, and private schools. This year, we have seen lots of great collaborations with school systems to equip their staff to better serve students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). If you are a parent, please pass this information along to your child’s school. Who…

Seek First Responders with CIT Training

If you or a loved one with autism experiences a crisis involving law enforcement, firefighters, or EMTs, what should you know? The first thing that you need to know is to ask for someone who has CIT training. Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training is an intensive mental-health training provided to first responders. CIT training is…

Free workshop on behavior coming to the Triangle

As parents of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and as professionals working with individuals on the spectrum, it is likely that we have experienced challenging and persistent behaviors. When we experience these behaviors in an individual with ASD, one of the first questions we should ask ourselves is, “What is the individual trying to communicate…

Transitioning to Competent Adulthood with Dr. Peter Gerhardt

Dr. Peter Gerhardt, who has worked in the autism field for 37 years, shared some of his expertise with parents and professionals last week at a one-day conference in Raleigh. His presentation was titled “Transitioning to Competent Adulthood for Individuals with Autism: Implications from Preschool to High School and Beyond.” Dr. Gerhardt is the Executive…