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Work with me, dear people.  I submit the following de-stressing tips for caregivers, professionals, advocates, and activists:

1.  Put out the biggest fire closest to you first.  I know your list is long, but it helps to have a prioritized plan of action.

2.  Ask for help.

3. ¬†Eat when you’re hungry. ¬†Sleep when you’re tired. ¬†Lack of proper food and rest can make you kuh-RAY-zeeee (sing it out, now).

4. ¬†Learn how to tummy breathe. ¬†You’re so Zen…

5.  Do a little dance.  Make a little love.  Get down tonight.  Last night I remembered how much fun dancing is.

6. ¬†If you can’t have A Room Of One’s Own, clear out a corner for yourself.

7.  Do something non-autism related.  Then get back to work.



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  1. Kristine L. says:

    8. Get a good laugh from Alison\’s picture post!

  2. Stagmom says:

    Remember the old ads for Aqua Velva? A slap in the face and then, \”Thanks. I needed that.\” It\’s a good reminder to try try try to take care of ourselves. Autism is like a Dyson – it never loses its ability to suck… Time, energy, money, our brains. Could you add a photo of a large piece of chocolate? Maybe football field sized? :) Kim

  3. Donna H says:

    LOL! This is great!

  4. Laura says:

    Great! So true!

  5. Cathy Jameson says:

    GREAT post! Thanks for the reminder to remember me too.

  6. Stagmom says:

    Benismyson – you DOG you! Even I\’ll sit through a game on THAT field. Rah Rah pass the milk! Thanks!


  7. Deb Haines says:

    Good advice for anyone – the trick is to remember to do it.

  8. Jennifer Brook W. says:

    Too true but too often blown off…..thank you for the reminder that we need to take care of ourselves too. In my case, I will when I can but thank you for reminding me I HAVE TO!!!!!

    Love and hugs, J

  9. Evgenia P. says:

    Great tips, it is just hard to do all those things… It feels sometimes that you do not exist, everything is about the baby and his/her needs. But it is so true that we have to take care of ourselves, otherwise if we are gone, who will take care of our kids…

  10. […] learned to take my advice¬†from a past post or two. ¬†The tip about asking for help is well ingrained by now. ¬†But what do you do if no one […]

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