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Medicaid Transformation

Medicaid Transformation


This page provides information about the Medicaid Transformation process in North Carolina. The Autism Society of North Carolina has created this page of information and resources to support you and your family, and keep the autism community informed.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) links:

Current Timeline of Events

NOTE: Medicaid Tailored Plan launch has been delayed until October 1, 2023. Some services like Tailored Care Management began December 1, 2022 and will continue. More info on the plans and services are below.

  • * 12/1/2022 – Tailored Care Management services begin for eligible Medicaid beneficiaries.
  • * 10/1/2023 – Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) Tailored Plans launch.

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Tailored Plans – What you need to know

North Carolina has been changing its Medicaid system for several years. The goal is to have Medicaid physical health care and behavioral health care managed together as well as introduce programs that address social issues in order to keep people healthier. “Transformation” will integrate physical, behavioral, and intellectual and/or developmental disability (I/DD) services into two types of Medicaid health care plans: Standard plans and Tailored plans (TP).

Tailored plans offer more specialized services to people with I/DD who have Medicaid, as well as those with significant mental health or substance use disorder issues. People who have an Innovations Waiver will need to be in a Tailored Plan in order to get home and community-based waiver services. Those on the Registry of Unmet Needs, aka the waitlist, who have Medicaid, can qualify for new services offered under the Tailored Plans.

Tailored Plans: what do they do, and how can they help

  • – Your Tailored Plan is the regional Managed Care Organization (MCO) also sometimes referred to as your Local Management Entity Managed Care Organization (LME/MCO).
  • – They are like your insurance company for Medicaid.
  • – Tailored Plans will manage physical health care as well as behavioral health care, and developmental disability services and supports beginning October 1, 2023.
  • – They manage a network of contracted health and disability services providers.
  • – They authorize your health care and disability services under Medicaid.
  • – They operate a 24/7 screening, triage, and referral line to connect with health, behavior health, disability services, and providers.
  • – They may offer other programs through local providers to help address social drivers of health like non-emergency transportation, food, nutrition, or other needs.
  • – They coordinate care and may offer care management services. (You can also get tailored care management (TCM) from outside of the LME MCO beginning December 1, 2022)
  • – Every existing LME MCO is providing Tailored Plan health care coverage to people who qualify. Your LME MCO *is* the Tailored Plan for your region of the state.

Your Tailored Plan region is based on your county of record (where you applied for Medicaid) which could be where you live now or where you lived when you or your loved one started getting services.

Who is eligible for a Tailored Plan?

People with Medicaid who:

  • – Have an Innovations Waiver
  • – Or, have a TBI waiver
  • – Or, are on the autism spectrum or have other intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD)
  • – Or, have a serious mental health issue, serious emotional behavioral disorder, or serious substance use disorder, including those with complex needs due to multiple diagnoses.

Who is not eligible?

  • – People with Medicaid who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, unless they have an Innovations or TBI waiver. (All those with waiver slots will be in a Tailored Plan)
  • – People with partial Medicaid benefits including those in Family Planning, Emergency Medicaid, and special populations like those with Refugee Benefits.
  • – Children with Health Choice: children and youth who are on Health Choice will be merged into Medicaid by July 1, 2023. This is a positive change since Medicaid offers additional services, like those for autism under EPSDT. For now, children in Health Choice will continue to get the same services until the merger with Medicaid at a later time.

How do I enroll?

  • – You will be automatically enrolled into your Tailored Plan if you are eligible.
  • – If you are no longer eligible for a Tailored Plan, an enrollment broker can help you understand your Medicaid coverage options.

Can I opt-out or pick a different Tailored Plan?

  • – You do not have a choice of Tailored Plan, but you CAN and should choose your Tailored Care Management and your Primary Care Provider.
  • – You cannot choose to stay in Medicaid Direct. Some people will still get some health care services through Medicaid Direct, like eyewear. Some populations will still get Medicaid Direct like dual eligible people who do not have a waiver slot.
  • – You can opt-out of Tailored Plans and go to a Standard Plan HOWEVER you will lose access to I/DD services such as Innovations or TBI waivers, Tailored Care Management, the new (i) Services, and any state or locally funded services (IPRS, single stream funded).
  • – For those on the Registry of Unmet needs, aka the waitlist for Innovations, you can remain on the waitlist and choose to get Medicaid through one of the Standard Plans rather than the tailored plan, but you will not have access to the full array of services like 1915(i) services, IPRS services and other state and local funding.

*** Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian members and others in NC who are eligible for Indian Health Services, including those with I/DD, can choose to enroll in the tribal health care plan managed by the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority (CIHA), or they may choose a Tailored or Standard plan based on their location and service needs. Click here for more information regarding the ECBI Tribal option. ***

What’s New? NEW Services & Options

Medicaid will be offering new services called 1915(i) services to people with I/DD as well as those with mental health issues and substance use disorders. 1915(i) services are replacing B3 services but unlike B3, 1915(i) services are an entitlement. This means that the program does not keep waiting lists and does not run out of funds to help people. These 1915(i) services include

  • – Community Transition
  • – Respite
  • – Community Living and Support
  • – Supported Employment
  • – Plus other services to support those with a primary diagnosis of mental illness or substance use disorders.

Tailored Care Management is available as of December 1, 2022, to those eligible for Tailored Plans. Care management includes help navigating community programs, help coordinating the supports and services you get across all of your physical, specialty, I/DD, and behavioral health providers; help with filling out paperwork, screening for benefits, advocacy within the system, and learning self-advocacy skills.

It’s your choice which of these three options you get care management from:

  • – The LME/MCO Tailored Plan – If you have a Care Coordinator through the LME MCO that works well for you, staying with the LME MCO for care management is an option.
  • – A Tailored Care Management organization – Provider organizations with experience delivering behavioral health, I/DD, and/or TBI services to the Tailored Plan-eligible population, will also hold the primary responsibility for providing integrated, whole-person care management. This may be similar to case management offered in the past by provider organizations.
  • – An Advanced Medical Home Plus – Health providers who have experience delivering primary care services to the Tailored Plan-eligible population or can otherwise demonstrate strong competency to serve that population can be designated as an Advanced Medical Home Plus (AMH+). These AMH+ are offering care management and other integrative services, so if you are part of an AMH+ you can get your care management from that practice.

You should have received a letter if you qualify for Tailored Care Management of who is your provider (choices above) of the service. You can change that provider by contacting your MCO.

Primary Care Providers

Tailored plans are now managing physical health care including visits to your primary care provider (PCP) / your doctor.

  • – Check if your primary care provider (PCP) is enrolled in your Tailored Plan’s provider network. They might also be enrolled in a Standard Plan provider network that has contracted with a Tailored plan to offer a network of health providers.
  • – Look on your Tailored Plan website to see if your PCP is in their provider network. (See Tailored Plan links in Resource section.)
  • – Ask your PCP if they are enrolled in the Tailored Plan and if not, ask your PCP/doctor to get enrolled. Here is a sample letter you can provide to your PCP about enrolling in a Tailored Plan.
  • – Or, if your doctor does not plan to enroll in the Tailored plan network, select a new PCP/doctor that is in your Tailored Plan network

Medicaid Ombudsman

The NC Medicaid Ombudsman is an independent advocate for NC Medicaid beneficiaries. They can help you learn more about Tailored Plans and anything else related to NC Medicaid Managed Care. If you need assistance, visit their website  or call them at 877-201-3750, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (except on State holidays).

Your checklist:

  • Find out who is providing your Tailored Plan (Who is your current LME-MCO?)
  • Review your letter from Medicaid explaining any change and qualification for Tailored Plan (a sample can be seen here).  
  • If not qualified, contact the Enrollment Broker (NC DHHS Site) for options. An enrollment Broker will help you figure out which Medicaid plan you should be enrolled in.      
  • Watch for the enrollment packet sent to you in August from the Enrollment Broker. NOTE: Because of Tailored Plan delays until October 1 2023, enrollment packets may be resent in July/August 2023. 
  • Check if your PCP is listed in the Tailored Plan provider network 
  • Go online to your Tailored Plan and check their network (links below) 
  • Ask your doctor/Primary Care Provider(PCP) if they are enrolled in the LME/MCO Tailored Plan for your region. If not, encourage them to get enrolled. An easy script to follow with your PCP is: “I/my child will be in a Medicaid Tailored Plan starting in October 2023. My/Their Tailored Plan is [insert name of LME MCO]. Are you enrolled in the [insert name of LME MCO/Tailored Plan] network?” 
  • You can also use this sample letter for your provider. It may be helpful to customize it to your specific situation.
  • If they don’t plan to enroll, select a new PCP by mid-August 2023.
  • Select a provider of Tailored Care Management by mid-August 2023.
  • Check to see if your b(3) services are transitioning to new 1915(i) services like Community Living and Supports, Respite, Supported Employment. LME MCOs will provide crosswalks for b3 services, when those services are approved by state and federal governments. No action is required by you right now to transition to 1915(i) services.  
  • Choose/Confirm how you want to receive your Tailored Care Management  (from Tailored Plan, Community Care Management Agency, or your Advanced Medical Home+) 
  • Get your Tailored Plan welcome packet in the mail in August/September 2023 from your Tailored Plan.
  • Check with the Tailored Plan and/or your care manager to see if you qualify for other 1915(i) services you didn’t have before.    
  • New Tailored Plan begins October 1, 2023.  

Problems? Call your Tailored Plan (see Resources below) and/or the Medicaid Ombudsman program 877-201-3750  



Information about Transformation from other NC agencies: