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Mikey Wiley wanted to attend an overnight camp just like his peers, but his parents were nervous. He found the perfect fit and made lots of friends at Camp Royall.

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The Autism Society of North Carolina improves the lives of individuals with autism, supports their families, and educates communities.

1 in 57 children may be diagnosed with autism in North Carolina

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20,000+ individuals receive direct services annually in North Carolina

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Promoting Independence with Supported Decision-Making

Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020

Many 17-year-olds cannot wait for the day they will be on their own and can do whatever they want! Even as people warn that being an adult has challenges, they believe they will figure it out. When my neurotypical, oldest daughter reached adulthood, I was able to relate to this frame of mind. After much…

Elections 2020: Get Ready to Vote

Wednesday, Jan 08, 2020

This year, much attention will be paid to state primaries, state legislative races, and the national presidential election. As a nonprofit organization, ASNC does not become directly involved in elections or campaigns, but we do want you to understand your right to vote, how to vote, and where to get accurate and up-to-date information. ASNC…

Teachers, Break Out Your Bag of Tricks

Wednesday, Jan 01, 2020

January! You all just got back from a nice, long vacation! Everyone wants to share stories of things they did, places they visited, people they saw, and presents they received. The adrenaline gets them through the first day or so back, and then the lull kicks in mid-week. Behaviors they learned to work on may…