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Our staff educate and support families, helping them see how the best life is possible for their children.

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The Autism Society of North Carolina improves the lives of individuals with autism, supports their families, and educates communities.

Visual representation of one and thirty-six people diagnosed with autism.

1 in 36 children may be diagnosed with autism nationally

40,000+ individuals and their families receive direct services annually in NC

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Policy Update: NC Senate Passes Budget; Conference Committee Begins Work

Thursday, Jun 01, 2023

On May 18, the NC Senate passed their version of H259, the Appropriations Act for 2023-2025.  The Senate version of the budget spends a little more, primarily on a new economic incentive fund designed to turn NC-based research into marketable products. The differences between the NC House version and the NC Senate version will be…

The Tools that Help Me Organize a Neurodivergent Life

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

I live at the intersection between ADHD and Autism. While I love my neurodivergent brain (most of the time), there is absolutely no doubt that I have to organize my life strategically to stay on top of #adulting. Not going to lie, even though I have extensive coping systems in place, some stuff falls through…

Parenting the Young Adult with Low Support Needs

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

I’ve entered that phase of motherhood that most of us don’t prepare for – the parent of a young adult on the spectrum with low support needs. It is a tricky time when we see our young adults have the capacity to become independent, but they need some help, and we may not know as…