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When Danny got his first job as a young adult with autism, he faced some challenges. With visual supports, he succeeded, and now he works with other people on the spectrum.

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The Autism Society of North Carolina improves the lives of individuals with autism, supports their families, and educates communities.

1 in 57 children may be diagnosed with autism in North Carolina

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20,000+ individuals receive direct services annually in North Carolina

88¢ of every dollar
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Autism in the Friendly Skies

Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019

While it is impossible to foresee every scenario or emergency, as a flight attendant, I would like to share some tips for parents traveling the friendly skies with children on the spectrum.   Booking your flight Notify your airline at the time of booking about your need for assistance and any accommodations they can provide…

Achieving Empowerment and Engagement Through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Monday, Nov 04, 2019

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) represents a range of systematically implemented strategies that have developed from the science of learning and behavior. At its heart, the science of behavior analysis is used to enhance an individual’s quality of life. Applied Behavior Analysis is used to help someone learn socially appropriate, naturally integrated behaviors and reduce behaviors…

Taking Care of Yourself Benefits Your Loved One with Autism

Sunday, Oct 20, 2019

Anyone who has been a parent, let alone parent to a child with a disability such as autism, will tell you that parenting can be tough. In my book, it’s definitely one of those conundrums where it is the toughest yet most rewarding thing you can do in life. Let’s then consider parenting or caregiving…