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When Jack was diagnosed at 2, he was nonverbal and didn’t understand danger. Now, he is in college and has achieved many goals with the support of the Autism Society of North Carolina.

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The Autism Society of North Carolina improves the lives of individuals with autism, supports their families, and educates communities.

1 in 57 children may be diagnosed with autism in North Carolina

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20,000+ individuals receive direct services annually in North Carolina

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Working with Students with Autism Before the Holidays

Thursday, Dec 05, 2019

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it can be a time of high anxiety for people with autism. I teach and tutor young people with autism, and I have autism. I also work with specialists in related fields. We all help students with reaching educational and behavioral goals. I am going to provide some input…

Medicaid Transformation Suspended

Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019

Editor’s note: This is an update to information posted Sept. 11, 2019. The managed-care rollout has been suspended by DHHS at this time. As a result of the budget impasse, NC DHHS has suspended the roll out and implementation of Medicaid managed care, often referred to as Medicaid transformation. This will not go live as…

Social Skills Start at Home

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019

As a parent of an adult child with autism, one of my goals has always been to find as many opportunities as possible to improve my son’s social skills. All parents want their children to make and establish friendships, but for those on the autism spectrum, it is one of the most difficult aspects of…