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acceptance & awareness

Awareness & Acceptance

Life with friends. Life with work. Life with smiles. Life with music. Life with love. This is autism.

This April, we’re sharing stories to increase autism awareness and acceptance in our communities. What is your Life with Autism? Join the conversation on social media; use our special frames as you share photos and videos with the hashtag #ThisIsAutism.

Let’s create accepting communities

At the Autism Society of North Carolina, we focus on acceptance and inclusion, not just awareness. We want people with autism, and their families, to feel welcomed in their communities.

We want people to know about autism’s challenges, so they can be more accommodating. But we also want them to know how their lives can be better when they include people with autism. People with autism have much to teach us, and they have unique gifts that can make our communities a better place to live for all of us.

Click below for all the ways you can get involved!

Join us at WAAAD

The World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day celebration is one of our favorite events at Camp Royall! You’re invited to the party on Saturday, April 4!

Share on Social Media

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Share your life with autism and promote acceptance with the hashtag #ThisIsAutism and tag us!

Show Your Support

Our new T-shirts and magnets will help you spread the message around town and start conversations.

Learn about Autism

What is autism? What are people with autism like? Watch this video to hear answers from some kids and young adults on the spectrum.

Learn How to Be a Friend

In this video, three middle-school friends, one of whom has autism, talk about friendship and how we can all be a friend to someone with autism.

Raise Awareness at Work

You can teach your co-workers about autism and build acceptance in your community! Download our free posters and slides.

Donate to Support Families

The Lifetime Together Campaign provides opportunities for you to fund scholarships for camp, respite, workshops and more.

Join a Chapter or Support Group

Find a welcoming community of your own with an ASNC Chapter or support group. Take a leadership role to support other families.

Run/Walk for Autism

Invite your friends and family to join you at one of our events and gather donations to support individuals with autism and their families.

Use these ideas in schools, faith communities, and clubs

Classroom Exercises

Give elementary or middle school students a chance to experience the perspective of individuals with autism and increase their empathy

Bulletin Boards & Posters

Hold a poster contest! Put up bulletin boards! Send students on a hunt! We have easy ideas and a list of age-appropriate facts

Teach with Videos

Use the two videos above to spark discussion about autism and how to be a friend to someone with autism

Coloring Sheets

Younger children can use their creativity to decorate these sheets with positive messages about autism awareness and acceptance

Word Search

Elementary-school children will have fun looking for these words associated with autism awareness and acceptance

Peer Programs

Want to make a long-term difference? Team up individuals with autism and their neuro-typical peers

Get the Facts

Pick from facts categorized by the age of the audience. Use in lessons, or consider a “fact of the day” for morning announcements.


Teachers, want to learn more? Check out the upcoming trainings by ASNC staff or contact us to arrange one for your staff

Parties & Appreciation Events

Who doesn’t love a party? Help your students plan one for the AU class. Ask PTAs to have an event for AU staff.