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Our Impact

Levi and Landon’s Vision

Levi & Landon learn to express themselves at Camp Royall and how to advocate for themselves and others – starting with an indoor pool at camp!

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Jesse’s Dream Job

ASNC’s Employment Supports program helped identify Jesse’s artful skills and integrate him into the Hop’s ice cream production process.

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Erin’s Peace of Mind

Social Recreation in Wilmington helped Wren blossom in her communication skills and independence – giving peace of mind to her mother, Erin.

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Adrian Goes To Camp Royall

Camp Royall helped Adrian build his confidence and improve his ability to connect and communicate with others.

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Hetty and Navell’s story

Our staff educate and support families, helping them see how the best life is possible for their children.

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Community in Greenville

In Greenville, our club activities have strengthened community, raised awareness of autism, and helped neighbors know each other better.

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Team Declan’s story

Seeing other families at the Triangle Run/Walk for Autism gave the Powell family hope.

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Kaycee’s Story

At Camp Royall, Kaycee faced her fears and tried new activities with the help of her friends.

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Bri’s story

Working at the Autism Society of North Carolina showed Bri she was a leader.

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