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Life with dreams.

ASNC’s Employment Supports program helped identify Jesse’s artful skills and integrate him into the Hop’s ice cream production process.

When Jesse began working at his first job, with the help of the Autism Society of North Carolinaā€™s Employment Supports program, his job coach realized Jesse wasnā€™t motivated by a paycheck. Instead, Jesse was motivated by ice cream ā€“ that was the reward he needed to see the value of work.

Now, Jesse works in the production facility for The Hop, which serves handcrafted ice cream in Asheville. The Autism Society of North Carolina worked with the staff at The Hop to identify the production needs Jesse could fill, and now he plays an important role in the process of creating and distributing ice cream ā€“ his favorite thing. He has joined a community of coworkers who appreciate his contribution.

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