Social Narratives

Social Narratives

Use our social narratives to support your loved one with autism.

Social narratives are simple stories that focus the individual’s attention on only the key details of a situation and can support understanding and performance. Please keep in mind, it is important to adjust the number and complexity of details to meet the needs of the individual. Learn more about social narratives.

What is a Friend?

Explaining the characteristics of a good friend

What is a Bully?

Explaining the characteristics and actions of a bully

Dealing with Bullying

What to do if you are being bullied

Saying "thank you"

How to respond with kind words

My New Classroom

Ease your loved one’s anxiety about the new school year

Riding the Bus

Some safety rules and guidelines for riding the school bus

Traveling by Plane

An in-depth narrative on what to expect during air travel and how to navigate airports

Good Manners

A detailed narrative about holiday meals and what to expect

Good Manners

A brief narrative about how to conduct oneself during special holiday meals

Storm Safety at Home

How to stay safe during a bad storm or hurricane, including during a loss of electrical power

Evacuating for a Storm

A narrative to ease stress during an evacuation because of a hurricane or bad storm

After Evacuating

A narrative to ease stress about when one might return home after evacuating due to a storm

Snow Day

What to do when school is canceled because of bad weather

Fun at the Pool

A simple narrative about what to expect when going to the pool

Time Change in Spring

An explanation of changes related to Daylight Saving Time in the spring

Time Change in Fall

An explanation for when Daylight Saving Time ends in the fall


A simple narrative about trick-or-treating for Halloween


A more in-depth narrative for those who need more details