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Employ Adults with Autism

Employ Adults with Autism

Your company can benefit by employing someone with autism

  • Employees with autism are reliable, dedicated, focused, attentive to detail, hard-working, and have less turnover than the national average.
  • Working with someone with autism will expand your employees’ perspectives and inspire their pride to be part of having an impact in their community.
  • For individuals with autism, a job increases self-esteem and self-worth. A job provides the independence that comes with a paycheck as well as opportunities to improve social skills, grow a network of friends and support, and pursue passions.

We can help you employ someone with autism

ASNC’s Employment Supports professionals work with adults with autism to assess their skills and interests and then match them to possible jobs. They help with the application and interview process.

We assist employers by helping to train the employee, educate co-workers about autism, and put in place a structured system to help the employee maintain their job. In some cases, employers may be eligible for tax credits for employing individuals with autism.

For more information, see our booklet.

Contact us:

Shannon Pena, Senior Employment Services Coordinator
336-333-0197 ext. 1413


Other ways your business can benefit

  • Encourage your employees to volunteer at a work day or for one of our special events. They will benefit from a team-building experience as well as the pride of making a difference in their community.
  • Provide donations of goods or services that are tax-deductible.

Contact us:

Kristy White, Chief Development Officer