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A father, son, and mother smiling for a picture.

Our Mission

The Autism Society of North Carolina improves the lives of individuals with autism, supports their families, and educates communities. This is our mission.

Our vision is to be the trusted partner for all people with autism as they lead fulfilling lives.

We respect and value the uniqueness of all individuals with autism; when provided the opportunity, each person can make a unique contribution to their family, community, and society.

A boy on a zipline. Fun is our mission!

We improve lives

Our services and programs are tailored to the unique needs of individuals with autism. We enable them to have healthy, safe, and fulfilling lives in their own communities. Our expertise helps individuals ā€“ many of whom have significant lifelong needs ā€“ be as independent as possible and achieve their goals and dreams.

It is our mission to support families - like this mother and her two sons.

We support families

Autism Resource Specialists are often the first people parents talk to after their child is diagnosed. We help families connect with resources, keep their children safe, find services, and resolve school issues. We also provide guidance on lifelong issues including employment, residential options, and planning for childrenā€™s needs beyond parentsā€™ lives.

A mother accompanying her daughter for a checkup with a doctor.

We educate communities

Our training for professionals such as doctors and teachers has increased the quality of care for individuals with autism. We advocate for the needs of the autism community with state policy-makers. Our education efforts have increased public awareness of autism and helped NC have a lower average age of diagnosis than the U.S.

Strategic plan and a pair of glasses on a desk.

Strategic Plan

The Autism Society of North Carolinaā€™s 2020-23 strategic plan details how we will fulfill our mission.

Diversity Statement

The Autism Society of North Carolina (ASNC) values diversity and respects the unique contributions of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We believe that sharing and discussing ideas should occur in a climate of openness, respect, and trust. It is important that we not only acknowledge and celebrate diversity, but make ongoing, responsible efforts towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Two friends walk in the woods.

Neurodiversity Statement

The Autism Society of North Carolina supports neurodiversity – the understanding that differences in the human brain and behavior are both common and to be accepted. Autistic people experience, understand, and interact with the world in unique ways, and we respect and value their neurological differences. As an inclusive organization, neurodiversity helps us appreciate individuality, be scientifically informed and culturally sensitive, celebrate distinctive talents, and acknowledge multiple perspectives held in the autism community.