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Life with friends.

At Camp Royall, Kaycee faced her fears and tried new activities with the help of her friends.

Kaycee had been to other summer camps before, but she’d felt excluded. She wasn’t allowed to go swimming, and she had to sit on the sidelines and watch other kids have fun without her.

Camp Royall was different. From her first day, she made friends and tried new activities. When Kaycee saw the pool at Camp Royall, she was determined to go down the slide. At the top of the slide, she got nervous. With the help of her new friend, Kamani, and the staff at Camp Royall, Kaycee faced her fears and went down the slide.

These special moments happen every day at Camp Royall. Campers make friends while singing silly songs on the hayride or by the campfire. They find the confidence to try a new food or activity. They are loved and accepted at all times.

Your gift makes it possible for more campers and families to experience special moments at Camp Royall.