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Life with vision.

Levi & Landon learn to express themselves at Camp Royall and how to advocate for themselves and others – starting with an indoor pool at camp!

Levi and Landon are eight-year-old twins, and they love everything about Camp Royall! The only thing Camp Royall is missing, to them, is an indoor pool for days when it rains. They used their time in Creative Connection to make campaign signs for an indoor pool, and they set up a meeting with Camp Director Sara Gage to discuss their plan.

Levi and Landon are meant to be advocates ā€“ in this video, they will advocate for you to give them likes and subscribes on their video! ā€“ and they want to ensure that other campers can swim on rainy days, make a new best friend, and play basketball in the gym.

Your gift provides programs where children and adults learn to express what they want and need and how they feel.