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Life with confidence.

Camp Royall helped Adrian build his confidence and improve his ability to connect and communicate with others.

Adrian loves math and numbers. In the past, he was bullied for his love of numbers, but at Camp Royall, Adrianā€™s passion was embraced and accepted. He made friends at Camp Royall and improved his ability to connect and communicate with others. He says that Camp Royall helps him at school, because he learned how to ask for help from his teachers.

As a result of his Camp Royall experience, Adrian is building the confidence needed to become who he is meant to be. Heā€™s an amazing brother who loves to show his siblings around Camp Royall, and one day, he hopes to be an engineer.

Adrian would not be able to attend Camp Royall without financial aid.

Your gift makes it possible for more campers and families to become who they were meant to be at Camp Royall.