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Life with community.

In Greenville, our club activities have strengthened community, raised awareness of autism, and helped neighbors know each other better.

The Greenville office hosts multiple clubs throughout the week, including Art Club, Dance Club, Gaming Club, and Health and Wellness Club. The clubs offer benefits to participants with autism ā€“ they build skills, make friends, and work towards the goals that will enable them to live their best life. But the clubs also benefit the larger Greenville community, because they get to be a part of the activities and learn more about autism.

Before joining the Health and Wellness Club, Deputy Curtis didnā€™t know much about autism. Now, he is committed to gaining additional training for himself and for his colleagues, so that they can better serve all members of the community. Others are finding their purpose, like the East Carolina University students who are now choosing career paths in therapeutic fields. Together, we are building the kind of community we all want to live in.

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