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Hands of a therapist while taking notes during an autism diagnosis.

Following Diagnosis

After Diagnosis Guidance for Children & Adults

The Autism Society of North Carolina offers guidance and support for children and adults who are seeking a diagnosis. Remember, if you have any questions at any point, our knowledgeable Autism Resource Specialists around the state offer expert advice for any questions you may have about receiving an autism diagnosis and available resources.


A father and son speaking with a family therapist.

For Parents of Children (under 18)

  • Connect with an Autism Resource Specialist.
  • Visit our Upcoming Workshops page and attend one of our two workshops for parents and caregivers: After the Diagnosis: Get Help, Get Answers, Get Going (kids under 8-years-of-age) or After the Diagnosis: Helping the Older Child Navigate the Journey (kids 8-years-of-age and older).
  • Connect with an ASNC Support Group.
  • Contact your Local Management Entity-Managed Care Organization (LME-MCO) for placement on the Innovations Waiver Waitlist.
  • Learn about what your current insurance will cover.
  • Research appropriate treatments and interventions.
    Therapies to consider:
    1) Applied Behavior Analysis
    2) Occupational therapy
    3) Physical therapy
    4) Speech therapy
    5) Vision therapy

For Adults