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Ascend, Day Program for Adults, Opens in Asheville

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Ascend, Day Program for Adults, Opens in Asheville

The Autism Society of North Carolina’s newest day program for adults, Ascend, opened in Asheville in February. For Michael LePage, Regional Services Director, a day program for the Asheville area is a long-held dream. “Every year, people are graduating and falling off the services cliff,” he said. “It’s tough without those supports and natural structures….

Accommodations at Work

Almost everyone uses tools at work: cash registers, computers, the Internet, heavy machinery, pens, hammers, paintbrushes – the list could go on forever. We use these tools to perform our jobs to the best of our ability, so we do not hesitate to request them if we do not have all the ones we need….

Differences in Autism Presentation Between Siblings

I don’t remember when my parents told me that my little brother was autistic. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know; my memory doesn’t go back that far. He was diagnosed when I was around five or six, per his age of diagnosis at three. I’m a late-diagnosed autistic, not receiving my diagnosis…

Policy: Celebrating Progress and Looking Ahead

This article also appears in the Winter 2023 issue of Spectrum.    When you have been advocating for a long time, it can feel like no progress is being made. When we see growing waiting lists and know that services for people with disabilities remain unstaffed, it is easy to lose hope. There is good…

Autism Diagnosis for Adults: Frequently Asked Questions

While many people with autism receive their diagnosis in childhood, others make it to adulthood before recognizing signs and receiving a formal diagnosis. If you are an adult who suspects you may be on the autism spectrum, we’ve prepared this list of questions about pursuing an autism diagnosis.   What are some signs that I…

From Isolation to Community through Employment

Since I wrote my last blog, What’s Speech Got to Do With It?, in 2019, my son, along with the rest of the world, went through a rollercoaster cycle of emotions due to the pandemic, ranging from fear, insecurity, isolation, and utter frustration. His volunteer activities as well as other outside activities came to a…

The Samantha R vs. the State of North Carolina Court Decision

In February of 2020 the State was found to be in violation of the Persons with Disabilities Protection Act and that people with disabilities in North Carolina were being unnecessarily institutionalized, or were at risk for being institutionalized, due to a lack of community-based options. The decision reinforced what people with disabilities, their families and…

Mental Health in the Autism Community

Mental health disorders are conditions that affect our thinking, mood, and/or behavior to the extent that it interferes with our ability to function. These disorders include, but are not limited to, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. For the general population in the United States, the CDC estimates 20% of adults (or one…