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Autistic Masking

Archive for 2022

Public Policy Update: “i” Services in 1115 Waiver May Help Those Waiting

North Carolina is in the process of seeking approval by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services to add “i” home and community-based services (HCBS) under our state’s new 1115 Medicaid plan. These “i” HCBS services would offer additional supports to people with disabilities who are eligible for Medicaid. NC DHHS has requested that most…

Camp Royall: The Training that Creates the Best Counselors

So many people work hard to make summer at Camp Royall a reality, including facility staff, lifeguards, activity directors, and counselors. Just as we enjoy seeing campers grow over the years, we also enjoy seeing the professional development of our staff as they return summer after summer. For many people, working as a counselor at…

New Year’s Resolutions – A Promise to You

Happy New Year! Many people approach the new year as a time to focus on bettering themselves. In fact, making New Year’s resolutions has history in both Western and Eastern cultures and dates back many centuries – a fun tidbit I learned in preparing for this blog. Our friends at Wikipedia define resolutions as a…