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Sarah Waller, Registered Behavior Technician

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Sarah Waller, an ASNC Registered Behavior Technician Who Goes Above and Beyond

One hot summer day, Sarah Waller’s car broke down on her way to work. Waller is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) who implements Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) plans for the Autism Society of North Carolina. Rather than cancel the session with the client and their family, Waller walked three miles in 100-degree heat to make…

Finding Connection and Understanding in Support Groups

Being an autism parent can be a challenge when you don’t have a community of support and understanding. We are in a different phase of life than many of our friends who want to support us, but don’t truly understand the joys, tribulations, extreme victories and moments of defeat. It can be a lonely journey,…

Eye Exams and Autism

My youngest son, Daniel, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 1/2 years old. Our family was thrown into our own “how to navigate our autism” journey. Although my son has limited language now, he was essentially non-verbal in those early years. Communication was difficult. Thankfully, here and there, we met wonderful providers,…

Disclosing Disability in the Workplace – My Experience

I am a late-diagnosed autistic adult, and I have ADHD, Bipolar II, OCD, and generalized anxiety. I also have dermatillomania, or skin picking disorder, and my information processing abilities rank 13th percentile. Physically, I have substantial hearing loss in both ears. This article focuses on lessons I learned as I searched for employment. I now…

Andrea Miller-Weir Named 2023 Roman Award Winner

When Direct Support Professional Andrea Miller-Weir began working with 11-year-old Alex Bagley, he couldn’t put his face underwater in the pool. With Miller-Weir’s help, Alex became an award-winning swimmer and Special Olympics athlete. In the years since their first meeting, Miller-Weir has supported Alex through high school graduation, securing meaningful employment, and traveling the world….

Support Groups: Finding Common Ground One Front Porch at a Time

We are pleased to announce that Courtney Chavis is the new director of Support Groups (formerly known as Chapters). Chavis has worked at the Autism Society of North Carolina since 2017, most recently as the Lead Triage and Connections Specialist. In that role, she facilitated connections between Autism Resource Specialists and individuals, families, and organizations….

The Tools that Help Me Organize a Neurodivergent Life

I live at the intersection between ADHD and Autism. While I love my neurodivergent brain (most of the time), there is absolutely no doubt that I have to organize my life strategically to stay on top of #adulting. Not going to lie, even though I have extensive coping systems in place, some stuff falls through…

Parenting the Young Adult with Low Support Needs

I’ve entered that phase of motherhood that most of us don’t prepare for – the parent of a young adult on the spectrum with low support needs. It is a tricky time when we see our young adults have the capacity to become independent, but they need some help, and we may not know as…