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Local author has penned an amazing new memoir about her life with her son Chase

Boy Who Loved Tornadoes Cover Image

Boy Who Loved Tornadoes by Randi Davenport

Local author has penned an amazing new memoir about her life with her son Chase, who is The Boy Who Loved Tornadoes. Randi Davenport spent the better part of 20 years attempting to get a concrete diagnosis and appropriate services for her son Chase – this is her story. Through the years, Randi consults with every type of specialist you can imagine all of whom are dumbfounded by Chase’s unique combination of conditions, one of which is autism. As a teenager Chase goes into a psychosis of which medication is no avail and he becomes in need of 24-hour care. Chase cannot live at home yet the type of housing placement he needs is so scarce that the mental health system is unable to provide it. It is only with Randi Davenport’s extreme persistent and advocacy efforts that her son is eventually granted a bed at an appropriate facility; it is only then that Chase begins to peak through the curtain of his psychosis. As the reader goes on this treacherous journey we’re also met with heartwarming memories of Randi’s little family attempting to make their way in this world.

Randi has already been featured in the Washington Post and will be featured in People magazine in the April 5th issue hitting newsstands shortly. She has already received rave reviews from such esteemed authors as Alice Hoffman and Virginia Holman, and prestigious Elle Magazine reviewer Lisa Shea.

Randi Davenport will be having a special book signing of her newly release book, The Boy Who Loved Tornadoes, at the Autism Society of NC’s Annual Conference at 6pm on April 23rd at the Sheraton Hotel in Chapel Hill. Please come by to meet her in person!

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