Giving a Voice to People with Autism: Why Is It Important?

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Giving a Voice to People with Autism: Why Is It Important?

Editor’s note: Tracy Vail will be the presenter for the Autism Society of North Carolina’s third annual fall conference, “Giving a Voice to People with Autism,” on Sept. 21 in Greensboro. The conference will focus on developing functional social communication skills in children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder who are non-vocal or minimally vocal….

Easing the Transition Back to School

It’s that time of year again…back to school we go! The transition from summer to fall, more specifically from summer break to the start of the school year, can be overwhelming for everyone involved. The added stressors of back-to-school shopping, meet-and-greets with teachers, and transitioning into new schools can be challenging. We have some tips…

When Children Have Questions about Classmates

As my 6-year-old was getting ready for his first day of school, he shared that he wants to grow up to be a fundraiser like mom and help people with autism. He loves everyone and that is one of the things I love most about him. His comment prompted us to talk further about being…

It Just Feels Good!

Human behavior is complex, no doubt. There are often layers to the reasons why people behave the way they do and those reasons may fluctuate from day-to-day based on a variety of internal or external events. Everyone engages in some behaviors (e.g., scratching a mosquito bite) just because they feel good. That is, the behavior…

NC General Assembly Adjusts State Budget

The North Carolina General Assembly wrapped up its regular short session in late June after a quick seven weeks. Short sessions focus on adjustments to the budget and passing bills that were still under consideration for both chambers the previous year. This year’s state budget (SB 99 State Budget Adjustments) comes in at $23.9 billion….

WNC Run/Walk is ‘Autism Community Day’

Daniel Landry knows firsthand what a difference employment supports can make. Landry, a 33-year-old who is on the autism spectrum, faced some challenges at his first jobs. He was capable of doing the work but needed a different way to learn the tasks. “A lot of times the employer doesn’t understand autism or why you’re…

How Behavior Can Go the Way of the Dinosaurs

Extinction is what happened to the dinosaurs, the saber-toothed tiger, and the dodo bird. But did you know behavior can undergo extinction as well? Don’t worry, behavioral extinction does not involve a massive comet colliding with the Earth. Behavior is said to undergo extinction when it simply no longer produces the reinforcement it once did….

5 Tips for Finding Activities for Your Child

When my son with autism was in elementary school, I remember wanting to get him involved in “programs” and “activities” but not really knowing what was appropriate or how to proceed. I recall contacting tons of people and agencies and asking for “THE” programs and activities specific for a child with autism. Frequently when the…