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Governor releases budget; NCGA begins budget process

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Governor releases budget; NCGA begins budget process

Gov. Roy Cooper released his two-year $25.2 billion budget proposal, a 5.4% increase over last year’s enacted budget, with a clear focus on education, health care, and the state’s infrastructure. Among the highlights was a 9.1% average raise for teachers over two years, a one-time 2% cost-of-living adjustment for retired state employees, and Medicaid expansion….

Public Policy: Advocacy in 2019 and Beyond

One of the most difficult aspects of advocacy is looking at all of the barriers that one might face and believing, despite all of it, that change is possible. The Autism Society of North Carolina has from the start been dedicated to using advocacy to improve the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and…

Accessing Services in NC: Tips for Navigating the Maze

The Autism Society of America has given a conservative estimate of $3-$6 million as the cost of caring for one person with autism across his/her lifetime. At the same time, rising costs and changes in health care are coming almost every day, making it more important than ever for families to connect their loved ones…

NC General Assembly Adjusts State Budget

The North Carolina General Assembly wrapped up its regular short session in late June after a quick seven weeks. Short sessions focus on adjustments to the budget and passing bills that were still under consideration for both chambers the previous year. This year’s state budget (SB 99 State Budget Adjustments) comes in at $23.9 billion….

Update on changes proposed for Medicaid

Update, March 2021: If you are looking for more recent information about Medicaid Transformation, please visit this post.     What is “managed care” and how is NC already managing the care of people receiving Medicaid? The federal government’s Medicaid program allows states to use health maintenance organization (HMO) managed-care models in the design of its…

NC DHHS Releases Plan for Medicaid Reform

The NC Department of Health and Human Services has issued a proposed design for Medicaid managed care in North Carolina. The proposal gives individuals on Medicaid, families, caregivers, providers, and other stakeholders the opportunity to share feedback before DHHS submits a revised waiver to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in the fall….

Ask NC Legislators Not to Cut Services

Last week, the House passed its version of the two-year budget bill, Senate Bill 257. Thank you to all the advocates for telling your stories. The House version of the budget includes 500 Innovations waiver slots, restores more of the funds for services for those waiting for help through Local Management Entities, and raises the…

NC Senate Passes Budget: Contact Your NC House Reps

Last week at the North Carolina General Assembly, the Senate passed its version of the two-year state budget bill. The governor previously released his budget proposal; see details on our blog. The NC House plans to spend the next two weeks working on its version of the budget before differences in the two versions must…

Public Policy Update

This article was contributed by Jennifer Mahan, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy. Federal News American Health Care Act (AHCA) Update Thank you for calling your US House of Representatives member regarding cuts to Medicaid in the AHCA and the importance of health-care coverage for autism. Your direct advocacy matters! The US House was not…