Autism Insurance in North Carolina – first steps

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Autism Insurance in North Carolina – first steps

From Scott Badesch: Dear Readers, In many states, legislatures have passed legislation requiring health insurance providers to cover various proven treatments for people living with autism. Today, the North Carolina Legislature formally began the process of discussing the need for such insurance for North Carolinians who live with autism. Earlier today, the Joint Study Committee…


From Scott Taylor: Please join me in thanking Rep. David Price (Chapel Hill / Durham/Raleigh) for co-sponsoring the “Autism Treatment Acceleration Act” (ATAA).  Rep. Price joins Senator Kay Hagan and Rep. Bob Etheridge as the only members of the North Carolina congressional delegation to co-sponsor this important bill and is the 75th member of the…

Family Man

An interview with John Kirton, father of six with autism.


By now, I hope that everyone has read about Salima Mabry and her son’s ordeal in Wake County (eight days in a small room with no bed, no shower, no TV and no hope).  Fortunately, this mom reached out to many resources: Disability Rights NC, the press, etc.  Her son finally has a place to…

Temple Grandin on HBO!

On Feb. 6th 2010 HBO will premiere a biographical film titled “Temple Grandin.” The film will chronicle the development and early professional years of Grandin’s life. If you are not familiar with Grandin, she is a gifted animal scientist, professor, author,  and the designer of livestock-handling facilities used all over the world. Almost half of…

Squeezing Lemon, Added Sugar

A recount of a sticky situation.

Bookstore top 10 bestsellers for December

On occasion we here at the bookstore like to high-light our bestsellers. The top 10 books for the winter season are listed below. Click on any title to see a description in our online bookstore catalog of these and other popular titles. We are also adding new books monthly, so check out our New Items…

Confessions of an Autism Mom

Being a mom of three with autism has some irony.  Confession Number One:  I have a big fear of being misunderstood.  Since autism is a communication disorder, opportunities present for personal fear mongering.  Exposure to optimism training, through Dr. Carolyn Kessler who was at TEACCH, has helped me look at things differently, including people-pleasing tendencies….

No Pony Ride to Mars

A plea for ASNC membership.