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Autism Diagnosis for Adults: Frequently Asked Questions

Archive for 2023

Autism Diagnosis for Adults: Frequently Asked Questions

While many people with autism receive their diagnosis in childhood, others make it to adulthood before recognizing signs and receiving a formal diagnosis. If you are an adult who suspects you may be on the autism spectrum, we’ve prepared this list of questions about pursuing an autism diagnosis.   What are some signs that I…

Pets and Autism: Challenges and Solutions

Pets are an amazing way for autistic children to experience companionship, understand boundaries, share responsibilities, and reduce anxiety. Caring for an animal also provides opportunities to learn new skills — such as patience, empathy, communication — while also supporting an avenue of emotional expression. It’s important for all families to do some research on the…

From Isolation to Community through Employment

Since I wrote my last blog, What’s Speech Got to Do With It?, in 2019, my son, along with the rest of the world, went through a rollercoaster cycle of emotions due to the pandemic, ranging from fear, insecurity, isolation, and utter frustration. His volunteer activities as well as other outside activities came to a…