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COVID-19/Coronavirus Relief Bill: Contact Your Senators

People with disabilities may be at increased risk and more likely to be affected by coronavirus due to underlying health conditions. Any legislation intended to help must address their needs!

This bill is moving very quickly and has already passed the US House. The US Senate plans to take the bill up to make changes and will vote soon. While we have some confidence that some version of this bill is likely to pass, there are parts that need to be strengthened to support people with disabilities.

Please ask Senators Tillis and Burr to support the provisions that will address the needs of people with disabilities including:

  • Workforce support, including paid sick leave and paid leave for ALL workers
  • Increased federal reimbursement for state Medicaid programs to help states respond to the crisis
  • Ability to access a 90-day supply of medication and medical supplies
  • Emergency requirements for all health insurers to cover testing, and access to testing for the uninsured
  • Expanded nutrition assistance


Take 5 minutes to call your US senators!

Sen. Richard Burr

202-224-3154 (DC Office)

Contact Form


Sen. Thom Tillis

202-224-6342 (DC Office)

Contact Form



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