Giving Back for Camp Royall

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Giving Back for Camp Royall

Each summer at Camp Royall, Tommy Guthrie Johnson is all grins and giggles as he enjoys swimming, hiking, digging in the garden, and singing camp songs, silly motions and all. Tommy, who is 14, is “complex,” said his mother, Megan Johnson. “He’s so challenging but so funny and smart and cuddly and loveable.” Megan adopted…

I Really Am Listening to You!

I really am listening to you! My eyes are looking elsewhere. I’m playing with something. I’m rocking. Humming. Giving an unpleasant facial expression. Fill in the blank! “Normal” people look right at you and respond. Sorry! I can’t! But I can listen! I AM listening! You are very important to me. Your thoughts are interesting….

Teaching Skills to Prepare for Back to School

Going back to school after time off for the summer is an exciting, but often overwhelming time. You may begin to feel some nervousness about how your loved one will transition to a new schedule or even navigate a new environment. To help prepare them for the new school year, it is important to think…

Celebrate Your Direct Support Professional

National Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week is coming up September 8-14! The Autism Society of North Carolina employs hundreds of direct support professionals; without their dedication and continued efforts, many individuals on the autism spectrum and their families would not have needed support services. Every day, they work one-on-one with individuals with autism, teaching skill…

Shutting Down Like an Overloaded Computer

Why does your computer suddenly choke on you? Are 1,000 windows open? Is YouTube playing while Facebook is showing cat videos? Is a browser doing some sneaky scans on the hard drive? It’s all eating the data and memory. Too many tasks at once! Computer crash! Well, imagine an autistic brain working like that. Give…

Medicaid Transformation: What You Need to Know

Editor’s note: This information is current as of July 16, 2019. Please note, a variety of factors may affect the timeline or other components of the transformation plan. The NCGA, state budget, and other system or administrative issues may create change. We will update this blog if substantive change occurs. The NC Department of Health…

UNC Autism Fathers Conference

  • September 14, 2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Event Phone: 919-962-3587

The UNC Autism Fathers Conference will be a one-day event for fathers with children of any age with autism spectrum disorder. This conference is an opportunity for fathers to come together to listen to the experiences of others and – if comfortable – share their own concerns.  Fathers have unique issues in raising their children with (more…)