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Miscellaneous interesting education-related tidbits:

      The NC State Board of Education is removing the second retest program from EOGs.  The change will be effective in the 2010-2011 school year.   Hurrah!  Why should students who scored a Level 2 be required to take TWO retests?!  Instead, schools will be able to use the first retest results in calculating ABCs and AYP eligibility.

      On another note, NC is proposing to eliminate the NCCLAS (NC Checklist of Academic Standards); this assessment is used for students who are on grade level but cannot access regular testing even with accommodations.

      College opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities are increasing and may soon be aided by proposed regulations that will make these students eligible for assistance under the Federal Pell Grant and other assistance programs.  Beyond Academics, at UNC Greensboro, is a four-year program giving students exposure to college while preparing them for the future.

      Another similar program was recently begun at the College of Charleston; this South Carolina program is called Learning is For Everyone, or LIFE.  Let’s hope this process keeps expanding for our students!

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  1. asncparentadvocate says:

    It is important for parents to work with their child at home (preferably sharing strategies with the schools); there are many research-based interventions available, and certainly ABA is among them. In a previous post, I referred to the National Standards Report (http://www.nationalautismcenter.org/pdf/NAC%20Standards%20Report.pdf) which reviews the research on different methodologies.

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