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From Awareness, to Acceptance, to Empowerment

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From Awareness, to Acceptance, to Empowerment

Individuals with autism and those who love and support them have a long history of advocating for their community, an undertaking fueled by their fundamental belief that the potential for a person with autism is limitless. From these grassroots advocacy efforts has sprung meaningful, sustainable outcomes that benefit everyone with autism and those who love…

CADCO Construction Improves Lives with Annual Golf Tournament

In two years, the families that own and operate CADCO Construction Company have raised an astounding $37,800 through golf tournaments to improve the lives of individuals with autism and support their families. Ashley and Cortney Duncan, president of CADCO, have triplets, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. Cortney’s stepbrother, Josh Hines, is the…

Charlotte Hornets Autism Awareness Night

  • March 3, 2020
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

See the Hornets play the San Antonio Spurs in the annual awareness game. Purchase tickets through our link and participate in a “meet the team” pregame shoot around. The Autism Society of North Carolina will be the featured organization in the Hornet’s Community Corner. Stop by and say “hi.” (more…)

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

Be Your Very Amazing Self Always

D.J. Svoboda is an autistic artist and motivational speaker who spreads a message of hope that those with autism are special just the way they are. He created The Imagifriends of Imagiville based on experiences he faced as he grew up with autism. We asked D.J. to share some of his wisdom in honor of…

Giving Back for Camp Royall

Each summer at Camp Royall, Tommy Guthrie Johnson is all grins and giggles as he enjoys swimming, hiking, digging in the garden, and singing camp songs, silly motions and all. Tommy, who is 14, is “complex,” said his mother, Megan Johnson. “He’s so challenging but so funny and smart and cuddly and loveable.” Megan adopted…

I Really Am Listening to You!

I really am listening to you! My eyes are looking elsewhere. I’m playing with something. I’m rocking. Humming. Giving an unpleasant facial expression. Fill in the blank! “Normal” people look right at you and respond. Sorry! I can’t! But I can listen! I AM listening! You are very important to me. Your thoughts are interesting….

Shutting Down Like an Overloaded Computer

Why does your computer suddenly choke on you? Are 1,000 windows open? Is YouTube playing while Facebook is showing cat videos? Is a browser doing some sneaky scans on the hard drive? It’s all eating the data and memory. Too many tasks at once! Computer crash! Well, imagine an autistic brain working like that. Give…

A Passion for Music and Improving Lives

The Jordan family of Elizabeth City took one of their passions, music, to raise money for another: improving the lives of people with autism. Their second annual NC Rock Autism Music Festival in summer 2018 raised more than $20,000! This year, they’ll hold the third annual festival on August 3. Learn more about the musical…