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Raleigh Teen is Friend in Time of Need

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From Awareness, to Acceptance, to Empowerment

Individuals with autism and those who love and support them have a long history of advocating for their community, an undertaking fueled by their fundamental belief that the potential for a person with autism is limitless. From these grassroots advocacy efforts has sprung meaningful, sustainable outcomes that benefit everyone with autism and those who love…

Creating Success While Incorporating Interests and Strengths

A Look Back When my son Logan was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4, he was preverbal and was not able to pronounce most of his sounds. He could say “ba,” and a year later was able to say “ma.” It took years for him to master making all of the sounds necessary…

Autism in the Friendly Skies

While it is impossible to foresee every scenario or emergency, as a flight attendant, I would like to share some tips for parents traveling the friendly skies with children on the spectrum.   Booking your flight Notify your airline at the time of booking about your need for assistance and any accommodations they can provide…

I Really Am Listening to You!

I really am listening to you! My eyes are looking elsewhere. I’m playing with something. I’m rocking. Humming. Giving an unpleasant facial expression. Fill in the blank! “Normal” people look right at you and respond. Sorry! I can’t! But I can listen! I AM listening! You are very important to me. Your thoughts are interesting….