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Rapid Response Clinical Consultation: A new telehealth service


Are you an individual with autism in need of targeted, short-term coaching to help you reach your goals?

Or, are you a parent/caregiver in need of additional strategies to support your loved one?

You might be a good candidate for Rapid Response Clinical Consultation, a new telehealth service offered by the Autism Society of NC’s Clinical Department.

During this challenging and ever-evolving time, we know that many individuals and families need support. In addition, we know that there are many regions in North Carolina where our Clinical Department does not have a physical presence, and where access to behavioral health services in general may be limited. We want to help. In response to these needs, the Autism Society of North Carolina’s Clinical Department is offering short-term consultation to individuals with autism and/or their families via telehealth service delivery in any county across North Carolina.

The service is telehealth-based. Optimal telehealth involves two-way, live video conferencing between consultant and client. Consultation is provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA), and/or Licensed Psychologist (LP) and all consultative work is supervised by the PhD-level Licensed Psychologist who directs the Clinical Department.

Areas of focus may include but certainly are not limited to the following: enhancing structure, organizing and planning the day, strategies to address social communication, social interaction and/or leisure skills, activities of daily living skill areas, and positive behavior support and self-regulation strategies.

This service is not intended to address extreme forms of problem behavior or mental health crisis. Such severe behavioral challenges will require a longer-term comprehensive intervention model that also includes live, in-person observation, assessment, and coaching. That is beyond the scope of what our department can offer within a telehealth model at this point. But if that is your need, please reach out and we will work to connect you with resources, within and outside of our organization.

What happens in this Rapid Response Clinical Consultation service?
• Once the service is approved, we strive to get started very quickly, to help you address your expressed needs.
• We meet with caregivers and/or individual via telehealth to identify the primary goals of this short-term service. If the service is directed to parents/caregivers, we would also observe (and interact) with the individual via telehealth.
• We develop a written consultation report to summarize background, areas of need, and recommendations.
• We meet with the individual and/or caregivers via telehealth to review preliminary recommendations
• We engage in approximately 4 weeks of live virtual coaching sessions to support the individual and/or family in implementing recommendations.
• We link individuals and/or families to any relevant providers and resources within and outside of ASNC.

How is this service typically funded?
• Innovations Waiver (Specialized Consultative Services)
• Standard Medicaid for children under 21
• Various private health insurances for children and adults
• Outpatient behavioral health services for adults who are funded by Medicaid
• Private pay

We are here to help. You can fill out an interest form for Rapid Response Clinical Consultation at this link: https://www.autismsociety-nc.org/rapid-response-clinical-consultation-interest-form. For more information about this service or other Clinical services, contact: Dr. Aleck Myers (Clinical Director) at amyers@autismsociety-nc.org or 919-865-2271.

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