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Courtney Chavis, Support Groups Director, smiling for a picture.

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Support Groups: Finding Common Ground One Front Porch at a Time

We are pleased to announce that Courtney Chavis is the new director of Support Groups (formerly known as Chapters). Chavis has worked at the Autism Society of North Carolina since 2017, most recently as the Lead Triage and Connections Specialist. In that role, she facilitated connections between Autism Resource Specialists and individuals, families, and organizations….

Win-win: Brother wins contest, builds autism acceptance

Colin Maxwell has always had a way of talking to his sister, who has autism. “Because Kayleigh is 18, and he’s 11, he doesn’t know anything else but having a sister who has autism. He does amazing with her,” says Stephanie Maxwell, their mother. “She responds so well.” Colin always has patience and gives Kayleigh…

New Year’s Resolutions – A Promise to You

Happy New Year! Many people approach the new year as a time to focus on bettering themselves. In fact, making New Year’s resolutions has history in both Western and Eastern cultures and dates back many centuries – a fun tidbit I learned in preparing for this blog. Our friends at Wikipedia define resolutions as a…