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Clinic-Based ABA Programming for Early Learners in Wilmington

The Autism Society of North Carolina is now offering clinic-based services for young learners diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through the LifeLong Interventions program in Wilmington. The goals of our program are to encourage engagement and learning through play in a motivating and enriching environment and to support emotional regulation development and skill building.


Who is this program designed for?

This service is for children ages 2-6 years old in the Wilmington area. Sessions are three hours in duration and are offered in both morning (9 a.m.- 12 p.m.) and midday (12-3 p.m.) time slots as possible based on the availability of a cohort of similar age and skill-range peers. The program uses evidence-based practices for early intervention including teaching strategies based in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Naturalistic Developmental and Behavioral Interventions (NDBIs).

This program is intended for children who have developed some one-to-one skills with caregivers or therapists, such as communicating basic wants and needs, and that would benefit from developing skills in specific pivotal areas in a small group setting such as social engagement and school readiness skills. Some examples of skills targeted include following a routine in a group, participating in age-appropriate group activities (e.g., crafts, learning activities, games), developing one-on-one friendship skills with peers (e.g., parallel play, sharing, communicating preferences, cooperating with others), and building self-advocacy skills in a small-group environment.


What will a day look like for my child?

Every child will have individualized goals based on their preferences and areas of need. The day will be broken into individual and small group instruction and play time, with plenty of supports offered to allow your child to be successful and to build skills and positive routines. Children will have the support and guidance of one-to-one staff (RBTs) and supervising clinicians (BCBAs and LPAs).


What are the benefits of clinic-based services?

Our clinic offers your child a varied and enriching learning environment:

  • Visual supports are used throughout this space to provide concrete examples of choices, routines, and safety rules.
  • A library/calendar area offers a space for coming together to share ideas and stories, learn about school readiness concepts, and practice small group skills.
  • Arts and crafts are offered each day to practice skills such as waiting, communication, motor skills, and sharing with others while engaging in fun and preference-based creative activities.
  • Manipulative and sensory activities are available for individual and group play, breaks from group activities, and the chance to develop skills such as imitating, communicating, and listening to friends.
  • A variety of pretend-play centers are available to assist learners in developing play skills through naturalistic direct teaching and free time with peers.
  • Movement play will be offered during each session in which motor-movement toys and small group activities such as yoga, dancing, and movement games will be practiced.
  • Sensory/chill room- The sensory room offers a calm environment for learners who need breaks from the group or prefer time in a quieter space.


How will I be included as a parent?

  • After each clinic-based session you will be provided a brief summary of your child’s day, including “glows and grows,” and any specific notes about their day that stood out.
  • Parent collaborative meetings with your child’s supervising BCBA will be scheduled at least once monthly to update you on areas of growth, areas of need, and ways to support your child at home.
  • Your supervising BCBA and RBT(s) working with your child will communicate with you regularly to keep you up to date on how your child is doing, and will respond to email communications within 24 hours.
  • You will be able to see your child in action, in the clinic setting.
  • Sessions will be offered in the home environment that will support your child in building skills in a one-to-on format with the RBT and/or BCBA and with the parent present to practice goals alongside the clinicians that are meaningful to your family.


The Autism Society of North Carolina strives to support children with autism and their families in building skills that offer independence, happiness, and community. If this program sounds like a good fit for your family and you are interested in your child participating, please reach out to us! We hope to get to know you soon!


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Contact clinical@autismsociety-nc.org with questions.



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