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Kitchen Staff Job Descriptions

Camp Royall

Kitchen Staff Job Descriptions

Camp Cook

Help maintain the kitchen, prepare and serve meals and clean up the dining hall.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate a desire and ability to learn and be taught about autism and approaches for managing the challenges associated with it.
  • Be willing and able to put the needs of others before your own.
  • Be flexible and able to work well with others, maintain open and effective communication.
  • Be accepting and respectful of those who think, behave, and interact differently than what is considered normal.
  • Complete food safety training prior to camp
  • Participate in pre-service facility/kitchen training
  • Participate in pre-service autism specific training
  • Assume all scheduled shifts in the kitchen as determined by the Program Director, Facility Manager and Kitchen Manager
  • Prepare and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner each day for campers and staff (this will include cutting, mixing, cooking over stovetop, baking, serving, maintaining sanitation at all times)
  • Perform daily cleaning tasks in the kitchen and dining hall
  • Perform refrigeration and freezer temperature checks on a weekly basis
  • Help with planning of food orders and put away food orders when the food truck arrives.
  • Participate in regularly held staff meeting upon request of Program Director
  • Report any scheduling or maintenance issues to the Kitchen Manager, Program Director or Facility Manager for follow up

Perform all other duties as requested.